Friday, May 29, 2009

belum mula lagi my diary

B4 i mula write my spondy...diary,i've 2 study like a studen.a lot af fact yg kena i shortnote.silap fact nti,naya meeee.biasa la..try 2 create new info in myself n 2 share with everybody yg want 2 know about the lower back bone.just bcoz im not a doctor...2 yg buatkan my diary ni terlengah ckit.web 2 web after web n web again about back i surfed..terkadang terpusing my eyes coz i ni not fluent in omputeh..little2 tu adalah.yla..i just a teacher...ajar apa..boleh la.everything i've 2,maths,language????history??

i've no hobby yang tetap..everything borong like..gardener,interior(kah..kah..kah),computer(belasah jer) n new hobby is to capture photo.x la lawa but bole la.just using the cheaper2 camera not like papparazi used one.may be one day i nak be pro in photograph ni..nice n cool.

this blog..adui...terwujud secara x sengaja bila i pergi ke umah2 blogger2...mak aiii..lawanye.awatnye i'm not have 2..godek2 umah bloger2 ni n link2 i've my own blog..yes!so..moral of the story..try n error b4 u b a everything including yr life n live.kita kena transform bila terpaksa..coming to your eyes..transformer 2(belakangnye dah lupe)

so..4 my blog,i try 2 share sesuatu yang orang x berapa it r not,one day u will apart of that.till now, i still spondylolisthesis patient..coming wednesdy(3rd jun) i ke GH jumpa my surgeon(spine surgeon) mr pazli...2 discuss about me n my long my almost 4 years.thanks mr pazli n all doctors n all nurses at orthopaedic clinic n all nurses at wad 2B..Tuanku Jaafar Hospital.